Hi. I'm Jeremy "Bird" Evans


Short Bio

I'm a software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in a variety of domains. For the past few years, I've focused on web, distributed systems, and platform development - tinkering with graphics programming, hanging out with my two beautiful daughters and gorgeous wife.

While there isn't a Wikipedia page about me (sorry folks!), a media bio is available below.


I am a strong leader who does not just lead with brains, but also with exceptional communication. I am a well-rounded technologist that any team I am on loves to work for or with. I have been member of four technology teams over the past 9 years since attending both Virginia Wesleyan College and ECPI consecutively with a focus in Computer Science and Computer and Information Sciences where he studied Programming, Operating Systems, Design and Applications Architecture.

From 2014-2024, my experience in working on small applications to architecting large scale project plans in collaboration with teams has been extensive, while also successfully supporting technical operations for customers that range up to $300mm+ in revenue since I was 22 years old.

During my free time, I prefer to perform deep work to deepen my knowledge about many subjects within the technical field. Utilizing deep work helps me quickly come up with and test whether an app or product I have in mind will work.

Work Experience

  • SAIC
    Jan 2021 · Present
    Principal Software Engineer
    In my role as a Principal Software Engineer for SAIC, I am responsible for developing and maintaining a small distributed system (Sorry cannot speak to much here, unfortunately).
  • AMS Geek
    Nov 2019 · Jan 2021
    Lead Software Engineer
    AMS Geek
    During my time, I architected a large scale backend using .NET Core, EF Core, and MS Sql for a product named Data Sangria. I also lead and implemented the front-end in Nuxt.js.
  • Love Your Ams
    Jun 2018 · Nov 2019
    Freelance Software Engineer
    Love Your Ams
    Consulted with a software services company, Love Your AMS, that provided custom integration work for Associations.
  • benel Solutions
    Nov 2015 · Jun 2018
    .NET Developer
    benel Solutions
    During my time, I worked with large and small associations to customize their enterprise AMS systems such as netFORUM.

Let's Connect

I'm excited to connect with others via email and X (formerly Twitter) to chat about projects and ideas I feel are interesting. I apologize in advance if I do not answer, but due to the nature of my work and pursuit to deeper knowledge I only reply to comments, emails, or messages I feel better that knowledge or spark my interest in pursuing.